Aware of the role it plays in the economic and social community, Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. wants to characterize itself as an excellent operator regarding its own Ethical and Social Responsibility.

The Ethical and Social Responsibilities of the individual members of the company towards the stakeholder groups lay the foundations for a fair and effective management of transactions and human relations, supporting the Company’s reputation, in order to generate a climate of trust and mutual collaboration.

Therefore, the Management has established the following policy regarding ethical and social responsibility and working conditions.

Through the following policy, the Management communicates, inside and outside the Company, the intention to operate through efficient and trasparent methods and systems. This is supposed to guarantee the continuous detection of the expectations of the parties involved and the evolution of the System of the Ethical and Social Responsibility Management that ensures the implementation, in terms of continuous improvement, towards these expectations.

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. wants to characterize its ethical and social responsibility, as “Excellent Company“, and to assure all the interested parties that its activities are developed with the aim of promoting respect for the fundamental human rights. The Company complies with the principles such as loyalty, fairness, transparency and efficiency. Commercial and business activities must be carried out honestly, in good faith and in full compliance with the rules of protection of competitions.

This means:

  • to consider its staff as a strategic resource, guaranteeing respect for their rights and promoting their professional and personal development;
  • to consider its suppliers, subcontractors as partners, not only for the realization of services, but also for ethical and social responsibility;
  • to consider its customers as a fundamental element of the Company’s success, working for their satisfaction also regarding the ethical and social responsibility requirements.


The General Management undertakes to comply with the requirements listed below and which must be shared and considered by the entire Company:

  • implementation and maintenance of a System of Ethical and Social Responsibility Management that allows compliance with all the requirements set by the Standard SA 8000:2014 and its continuous improvement in line with the indications of the parties involved, with the laws and regulations’  evolutions and, more generally, in step with the transformations of the social, cultural and economic context in which the Company works;
  • compliance with applicable national and international legislative requirements, the commitments subscribed by the Company with the interested parties and international instruments and their interpretations deriving from SA 8000:2014;
  • periodic review of the Policy for Ethical and Social Responsibility, at least during the Management review, in order to pursue the continuous improvement, taking into consideration the applicable regulatory developments;
  • documentation, implementation, active maintenance, communication and accessibility of the Ethics and Social Responsibility Policy, always accessible at all levels of the Company;
  • public availability of the Ethics and Social Responsability Policy to all interested parties, if they request it;
  •  implementation and maintenance of an efficient and effective communication system that ensures both the organization of the Company and all the interested parties to be able to constructively contribute to the improvement of the Ethics and Social Responsability Management System;
  • continuous analysis and evolution of the indications deriving from the interested parties and an open and costructive dialogue for the identification of projects and objectives of mutual satisfaction.

According to Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A., all the suppliers involved in the supply chain have to share the principles of ethical and social responsibility. To this end, both the internal work environment and the supply chain must guarantee compliance with the following requirements:

  • respect for employees’ freedom and dignity;
  • it is forbidden to resort to any form of physical, bodily and mental coercion, verbal offenses or any offense against any employee or collaborator’s personal dignity.
  • right to safety and health at the workplace;
  • to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace, with particular reference to a careful assessment and risk management and to an appropriate training program;
  • a Company appointed a Health and Safety Representative,  who has the role of overseeing the requirements provided for by the risk assessment.
  • respect for the right to freedom of association and to collettive bargaining;
  • right to the election of union representatives or to the registration to the trade unions;
  • trade union representatives are not and will not be discriminated against. On contrary, collective bargaining will be promoted.
  • right to a proper working time;
  • work must not exceed 48 hours, including overtime, which must only be carried out in exceptional cases. Anyway, at least one rest day a week will be guaranteed.
  • right to the equal pay between men and women, without discrimination;
  • ensuring the recognition of a salary that complies with current legislation, ensuring a dignified life for the whole family;
  • any misconduct, that affects the right to equal pay for men and women doing the same work, is forbidden. The right to equal opportunities must also be respected in hiring or discharge fases and in the event of promotion and training;
  • corruptive practies, illegitimate favors and requests for personal benefits for onself or for others, directly or through third parties, are prohibited without exception;
  • any form of discrimination, including exclusion or preference based on race, sex, age, religion, political opinion, nationality or social class, is forbidden.
  • defining and continually updating the Ethical and Social Responsibility Politicy and applying all SA 8000 standard requirements, as well as all relevant national and international standards;
  • defining Company own staff roles, responsibilities and authorities, in a clear and documented way;
  • periodically examining the system effectiveness and making corrective or preventive actions, if necessary, with a view to continuous improvement;
  • documenting the performances relative to all the requirements of the standard, through the annual preparation of the SA 8000 budget and communicating the results both within and to the other social parties involved;
  • ensuring that all the personnel receives appropriate training on the requirements of the standard and a monitoring system about the SA 8000 effectiveness;
  • designate a management representative and facilitate the appointment of a workers’ representative for SA 8000;
  • select and evaluate suppliers for their ability to satisfy the requirements of the standard;
  • plan and apply proper corrective actions, following the non-compliance detection.

To ensure that the policy is understandable, implemented and supported at all Company levels and by all Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. collaborators, the Company Management has implemented the following initiatives:

  1. implementation of an Ethical and Social Responsibility System, compliant with the SA 8000:2014;
  2. provide all  the personnel with a copy of this policy;
  3. staff training and availability of the SA 8000:2014 manual.

Showing that the Company adopts an ethically correct model, achieving in this way the aforementioned objectives, increases the so-called “stakeholders’ awareness”. It improves the cognitive process, that is, one is perfectly aware of the way in which an organization operates, whether he is  directly or indirectly part of it.

This Policy for Ethical and Social Responsibility is subject to a periodic review, in order to verify its suitability.