Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. designs and creates customized housing solutions: from a simple country house (container home) to a luxury villa by the sea (luxury container home), from solutions for a cheap B&B (B&B container) to the 5-star hotel (hotel container) for discerning travelers, from one-bedroom solution for Camping (camping container) to the guest house for luxury residences (guest house container).

The containers range for housing and modular solutions make the construction process of the building simpler, faster and cheaper than reinforced concrete constructions. Furthermore, with the advantage of being able to move elsewhere and at any time.

A modular home is a house made out from containers. It can be modular and usually it can be moved from one place to another. Two side-by-side containers can create two separate rooms or be merged into one environment, completely removing the walls of sheets and leaving the skeleton or sometimes reinforcing it with iron or steel beams and pillars.

Using a modular home means enjoying the advantages in terms of:

  • construction speed: the containers are practically ready for use, they have walls, ceiling and floor;
  • price: the cost of a container home is lower than the traditional miniature house (or even wooden);
  • eco-sustainability: one of the strengths of residential containers is that they can also be purchased secondhand, producing a saving of money but also a minor impact on the environment;
  • modularity and mobility: an house of this type can be moved and reassembled. This is one of the greatest advantages of this solutions and an alternative to mini-house;
  • custom design:container houses can be realized in modern as well as traditional design, according to customer needs, at highly competitive prices.

The aim of Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. is, in fact, to recreate a comfortable and full optional environment inside a container, able to guarantee the same comforts of a traditional home, but with the undisputed advantage linked of the mobility.

The company manufactures solutions of standard ISO or customized dimensions, also CSC certified for maritime transport for those who need to export their residential units abroad.

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