A new project coming soon

A new project coming soon

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. is happy to inform you that it has concluded an agreement with Ausonia S.r.l for the design and supply of: a 45 ‘non-ISO standard container; a 20

Soundproof Containers

Soundproof Containers

We are proud to show you our latest delivery. Before closing our offices and enjoying the holidays, we designed, built and delivered two soundproof containers for the cogeneration plants of



Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. designs and manufactures an non-standard container (Dimensions: 13,60m x 2,90m x 3m) soundproof (with residual noise 65dBA@10mt) for a cogeneration plant of CGT S.p.A. Also included in

Pyro-gasification Container

pyro-gasification system container

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A  designed and produced a  soundproof for pyro-gasification system container for ECO20X. The container will be used to transform biomass into syngas (synthesis gas). This is a highly

Power generators Containers

New genset container

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A designed and produced for his partner Pramac a new genset container ISO 30 ft High Cube . This genset container has a structure with 4 extedible telescopic

Container for cogeneration systems

Container for cogeneration systems

  Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. realizes a custom and sound proof container cogeneration systems . Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. is specialized in the design, manufacture and certification of soundproof containers, insulated for

Sound Proof Container

Container for Cogeneration Group

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. realizes 2 custom and sound proof containers for insertion of a cogeneration group with engine CG 170-12 by 1200kWe, Skid, switchboards and transformer. The units are equipped

Offshore Sound Isolated Container

Offshore Sound Isolated Containers

  Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. provides 2 new build 15ft offshore sound isolated containers. Both units are certified according to EN12079-2/DNVGL-ST-E271 (ex DNV 2.7-1) and insulated with mineral wool core panels.

Sound proof container Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A.

Sound Proof CSC Containers

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. realizes 4 20′ ISO 1CC sound proof containers for Hydac, CSC certified. The units are designed for the accomodation of hydraulic equipments.

Sound proof container

Norsok M-501 sound proof container

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. realizes 2 custom sound proof containers equipped with Passive Fire Protection H60 system for the Project GREATER STELLA (GSA). Both containers complies with NORSOK M – 501