10 ft container as hydrogen station

10 ft container as hydrogen station

Ready to go hydrogen filling station container
10ft hydrogen filling station custom container
Work in progress Container

Our company designs, manufactures and builts a new hydrogen station container for McPhy, one of the main players on the European market.

This 10ft custom container is used as hydrogen filling station.

Hydrogen is a clean energy source that can free us from fossil fuel and significantly reduce air pollution and Co2 emissions.

With the new station you will be able to get clean energy in just a few minutes, allowing communities, companies, builders or fleet / bus fleet managers to easily, quickly and efficiently start up a first Hydrogen charging infrastructure.

Thanks to its experience and high quality, Mecoser Sistemi is once again a leading player in the field of clean and eco-sustainable energy.

Moreover we are so proude to contribute to improve air quality!

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