Certifications Renewal ISO 3834 and EN 1090

Certifications Renewal ISO 3834 and EN 1090

We always pay attention to the quality of our work and of our products to offer the best to those who choose us. For these reasons, we are proud to announce that also this year Mecoser S.p.A has obtained the renewal of both ISO 3834 for welding and EN 1090 for CE marking of products.

In particular, ISO 3834 defines the quality requirements for welding for fusion of metallic materials. Among the objectives of the standard are: to ensure the company’s competence in the welding process, to guarantee to customers the conformity of the products manufactured, and to safeguard workers during the work phases.

EN 1090 certification, on the other hand, certifies a company’s ability to produce materials that meet all the quality requirements of the standard.
This type of certification allows, for example, to be able to mark CE our structural steel and aluminum products, to sell them and work in Europe and abroad.

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