Offshore Container for OIE Project

Offshore Container for OIE Project

Custom Container Saipem Offshore
Container Custom Container Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. Saipem

Saipem has delivered the Offset installation Equipment (OIE) to its client Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL). The unique system is designed to allow operations during the spillage of a submarine well, whenever the direct vertical access is denied.

OIE system was designed, realized and successfully tested by Saipem in the Northern Adriatic area. OIE allows the installation of the “capping stack” and of the auxiliary equipment, from a safe distance. OIe has a 500 meters range, it can be used in offshore waters at depths of 75 to 600 meters. It works from the surface through remote control submarine robots, well known as ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) Work Class.

Moreover, the system can be transported by sea or by air, after elements disassembly. From Trieste, Saipem manages a work team, highly trained to use the system that can successfully operate in case of spillage.

The project, realized by Saipem-Sonsub, is the result of collaboration between several local suppliers, Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. included.

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