Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. has implemented and certified a social responsibility system compliant with the requirements of the SA 8000:2014 standard.

Numerous surveys carried out in recent years have shown the expansion of market segments oriented towards critical and conscious consumption, preferring those companies producing goods / services that take into account the social and environmental impact of their activities. It is therefore evident how the ethical commitment of a company can enter directly into the so-called value chain, proposing the use of new competitive levers consistent with a sustainable development for the future of the entire planet.

This is undoubtedly the main reason why Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. has felt the need to verify the correct management of corporate social responsibility, considering that the value of a product, in addition to its intrinsic qualitative characteristics, also consists of non – material characteristics associated with it, such as supply conditions, services of assistance and personalization, the image and finally the history of the product.

All this is valid both for the aspects related to consumer safety (think for example the wholesomeness of products intended for food use or the absence of genetically modified organisms), and for those linked to the so-called ethical nature of the production cycle (think for example, issues such as environmental protection or exploitation of workers in a manner contrary to some fundamental human rights).

For the former (safety aspects), consumer sensitivity has been more immediate because he can be considered a potential victim of unsafe products / services. For the latter, on the other hand, the ethical aspects of the production cycle, the threshold of attention is still in the ascent phase, following, precisely, of the problems connected to the processes of globalization.

Wanting to simplify the slogan as much as possible could be:

Equip themselves a certified management system of social responsibility and labor rights makes it more competitive and allows us to achieve an ethically correct profit“.

This is even more true if a company already has an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System; undertaking to integrate it with the SA 8000 certification means taking on an ethical commitment, that is to say, depending on the country of reference, going beyond compliance with current legislation, integrating social and environmental problems in a voluntary way in its strategy, in daily operations and in relations with stakeholders ( in other words, investing in human and environmental capital). This path can be considered fully effective only if supported by an internal and external communication system and certified by a third party.

The decision to achieve the SA8000 certification is due to the fact that it is unanimously considered the best known international standard of reference in the world.

Secondly, another factor that has led to the choice of this certification model is that of so-called awareness. Without a doubt the benefits of the SA 8000 can be summarized as follows:

  • achievement of best practices in terms of employment ethics, commercial activities and financial transactions;
  • better involvement and motivation of employees;
  • greater transparency on the management of activities;
  • improvement of the corporate image and consequent implementation of the business;
  • international recognition of commitment in a socially responsible business.

The Management considered, as a natural advancement of this strategy based on ethical values, the adaptation to the SA 8000 standard in order to structure and formalize the choices made. The realization and publication of the Report SA 8000: 2014 makes it possible to illustrate and declare the qualitative and quantitative performances achieved which highlight compliance with the law with a view to full transparency and collaboration with its stakeholders.


Respect: no type of discrimination is admitted (age, race, sex, religion, political opinions, physical handicaps, nationality, social status). All personnel employed in our company must abide by mutual respect, good education in ways and in language.

Honesty: honesty must be the essential element of all business activities. Our company undertakes to comply with all laws, codes, regulations, national and international mandatory guidelines. No company objective can be pursued or implemented in violation of the law.

Transparency: our company must guarantee complete and transparent information to its employees, collaborators and other interested parties regarding its company lines.

Confidentiality: all our employees and collaborators must maintain the utmost confidentiality on data and information they become aware of in the performance of their duties.

Health and safety in the workplace: all our employees and collaborators must maintain the utmost care in every circumstance to safeguard their own safety and that of their colleagues, in compliance with company regulations on safety and environmental protection.

Trade union relations: our company is committed to promoting good and continuous relations with the trade unions and workers’ protection, in order to better safeguard their rights.

Fair competition: our company in relations with competitors is inspired by the principle of fair competition.



The company does not use or favors child labor (children under the age of fifteen) and does not employ staff who have not fulfilled their school obligations.

If you see children working at construction sites, you must report the fact using the reporting procedure.


The company does not use or favor the use of forced labor and does not require personnel to deposit money and / or identity documents or any other form of guarantee at the company. The work performed in the company, ordinary and extraordinary, is absolutely voluntary and free from forms of coercion.

If you work or see people working under threat of punishment you must report the fact using the reporting procedure.


Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. guarantees a safe and healthy workplace, taking all necessary measures to prevent accidents and damage to workers’ health and safety. The company undertakes to provide its employees with safety instructions and undertakes to ensure that individual protection devices are always usable and used. On site there are all the figures provided for the safety of workers, properly trained and updated on the topics of their relevance. The lack of periodic safety instruction and the absence of personal protective equipment must be reported using the reporting procedure.


The company guarantees the right of all staff to give life or to register for the unions of their choice and to conduct collective bargaining. Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. it also guarantees the exercise of the right to assembly in the workplace, providing spaces for possible meetings. If it is verified that the personnel representatives are subject to some discrimination and can not communicate freely with their associates in the workplace, it is necessary to report the fact using the reporting procedure.

  • DISCRIMINATION                                                                                       

The company does not implement or promote any kind of discrimination. The right of personnel to observe religious beliefs or practices, or to meet needs related to race, social class, age, nationality, religion, disability, sex, sexual preferences, family responsibilities, marital status, union membership, affiliation / political thought is respected.

Behavior, gestures, languages or physical contact, sexual, threatening, exploitation and pregnancy or virginity tests are forbidden. If you object or are spectators of discrimination, if you are the object or you are spectators of insults, threats, violent behavior, you must report the fact using the procedure reports.

  • DISCIPLINARY PRACTICES                                                                     

The company does not implement or promote the practice of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal abuse. The disciplinary measures that may be undertaken refer to the law of the company disciplinary regulation, posted on the bulletin board. If you are subject to or are spectators of physical punishment or insults, even mental violence, if you are or are spectators of disciplinary practices contrary to the dignity and respect for the person must report the fact using the procedure reports.

  • WORK SCHEDULES                                                                                    

The company applies the provisions of the Category Contract. Extraordinary work is required only upon voluntary participation by the worker and is always paid more than normal salary. If overtime work is not paid as an increase, the fact must be reported using the reporting procedure.


The company pays its employees a salary in line with the applied collective bargaining. The remuneration is attributed respecting the contractual levels.

  •   MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                                    

Mecoser Sistemi S.p.A. has implemented a Social Responsibility Management System managed through an articulated documentation:

  1. manual describing the whole process;
  2. procedures developed for the purpose of providing detailed and documented methods of carrying out the implemented activities.

The management, having realized that the true wealth of a company is human resources, has always focused on improving working conditions in order to retain its employees. The transformation over the years of flexible work contracts into open-ended employment contracts, the increase in the methods and communication tools made available to staff to make any reports or complaints, always guarantee a remuneration consistent with the contractual levels and economic incentive systems, investment in improving work environments in staff training and prevention of safety, are some examples that demonstrate the company’s commitment to a policy aimed at the worker and his needs.